From: “Michael Nixon” <>
To: “Bair, Barbara” <>
Cc: “Bair, Robert A.” <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 11:58 AM
Subject: RE: An item for discussion at the next huddle

Hi Barb,

Yes, I understand. I believe that we need to discuss everything related to the issue. It’s going to take time to work through various options, pros & cons, etc.

I’m sorry that you & Bob will be away Thurs. and unable to be at the huddle but you did say also that you would be available by phone, right?

Cell phone? Which c ph#?

I hope you & Bob can attend via speaker phone. Your comments, insights, and experience have always been very helpful in all of our other huddles. We really need that this week.

I’m leaving for York today, so I’ll catch up with email late tonight or early tomorrow.



Michael V. Nixon, J.D. P.O. Box 12539 ph&fx 412.221.6261. cell 412.327.0621

---Bair, Barbara” <> wrote: Mike, I continue to believe that we need to discuss the possibility of a separate non-profit organization (Conservancy) owning?? And maintaining the final facility.


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