From: “Michael Nixon” <>
To: “Mark Platts” <>
Cc: “Jackie Kramer” <>: “Don O’Shell” <>; “Barbra Bair” <>; “Robert Bair” <>
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 7:52 PM
Subject: An Item for discussion at the next huddle

Hi Mark,

This is a note for clarification/discussion at our next group huddle.

You wrote in your email the other day regarding the draft delegation letter:

“I don’t think we need to address the check cutting question in the letter, but I think we should stick with LYHR as the recipient, at lest initially, since that’s what we said in the meeting and LYHR has the broadest role among our partners.”

I agree that it is unnecessary – as well as premature – to mention any payment, but I believe that the phrase “since that’s what we said in the meeting” is an overstatement of what actually occurred among a few people during the milling about in the room in the first moments after the meeting with the Governor. As I recall, you came up to me and maybe Jackie & Don O and shared with us together, sotto voce, the comment that you said that [Tom Wolf?] made in an aside to you – in response to someone’s side query regarding who would receive the money from the state – that perhaps LYHR would be the choice as payee on the check from the Commonwealth.

While certainly LYHR is one of the leaders in these effort, and Riverlands Project reflects a wide vision that has become vivid and exciting primarily through your artistry and scholarship, and LYHR’s anticipated role is one of high-profile leardership within a partnership of government and NGOs, there are a lot of complexities that have continued to develop and arise since the early days of October. Those complexities need to be fully considered and analyzed --not to mention the things, some unforeseeable, that will occur and further complicate matters --in the massive joint endeavor to succeed in the preservation of the landscape and the first substantial achievements in the realization of the Riverlands Project.

Pleas don’t be upset by this not. We just need to actually discuss this issue and related aspects for the first time. I am not expressing any other opinion other than perhaps it’s time for all of us to begin discussing the issue together in detail.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, and like Barb and the rest of the group, I wish you the very best in the Wednesday lunch and meeting that you and Jackie will be having with Mr. A & Co. And I hope the sun is shining Wednesday, to boot!

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