From:            “Don” <>
To:                “Michael Nixon” <>
Cc:                “Kelly Skiptunas” <>
Sent:             Friday, January 23, 2004  9:51 AM
Subject:        The Hill


I was able to speak with Ken Eshelman last night and Bill Buser this morning (as you know Kelly is in Hawaii), so I was unable to pass any message to Mark Platts, so I’m getting back to you.  Bill and Ken are hesitant to commit all or part of the 2 million to the Hill without having a clearer picture of how this fits into the big picture.  A concern is that while we may be successful in obtaining the Hill, what if we in the end we aren’t successful with the rest.  The main Lauxmont properties are the prime objective.  We want to make sure we get the whole dog and not just the tail.  Any thoughts?

Don Keener
Township Manager
Lower Windsor Township
111 Walnut Valley Ct
Wrightsville PA. 17368

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